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We use Stumptown in-season, direct trade beans for all our coffee beverages

French Press Coffee   17 oz  5.5 / 34 oz  9

Bottomless Brewed Coffee   3.25

Espresso / Americano / Iced Americano   3.75

Macchiato / Cortado / Cappuccino   4.25

Latte / Iced Latte   4.75

Mocha / Iced Mocha   5.25

Add baileys / kahlua / frangelico / amaretto   4.5

Artisan Organic Tea   3.75
breakfast, earl grey, mint, chai, gunpowder green, chamomile citrus, vanilla bourbon, rooibos

Hot Water w. Lemon   1   (Add Honey 1)

Fresh Organic Cold Press Juice   8 oz  5 / 12 oz  7
orange, apple, ruby red grapefruit, pink guava, mango, lemonade

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Soda   4
ginger beer, cherry tree cola, root beer, curiosity cola, rose lemonade, mandarin & seville orange jigger

House-Brewed Iced Tea Lemonade   5.5
breakfast tea, vanilla bourbon tea, lemon juice, agave syrup, fresh cold-pressed lemonade   


London Fog American Ale   6.5 / 8.65 
Faculty Brewing co.  5.1%  (Vancouver)

Summer Haze Honey Hefeweizen   6.5 / 8.65
Hoyne Brewing co.  5.1%  (Vancouver)

Cry Me a River Gose   6.5 / 8.65
Driftwood Brewery  5%  (Victoria)

Punchbowl IPA   6.5 / 8.65
Russell Brewing co.  6.5%  (Surrey)

Premium Craft Lager   6.5 / 8.65
Steamworks Brewery  4.8%  (Burnaby)



Turmeric Chai Latte   5.5  (non-alcoholic)
Organic house spiced masala chai, turmeric, honey, steamed milk

Hot Chocolate   5  (non-alcoholic)
Housemade chocolate sauce, milk, vanilla, salt, grated dark chocolate, nutmeg

Apple Butter Toddy   10.5
Housemade apple butter (non dairy), bourbon, oleo saccharum, fresh apple juice, lemon juice, vanilla, nutmeg

The Irish   10
Jameson whiskey, coffee, vanilla-malt-and-stout cream, grated dark chocolate


Butter Beer   8  (non-alcoholic)
Housemade pumpkin butter (non dairy), fresh col-pressed apple juice, oleo saccharum, vanilla, cream, nutmeg

Espressotini   12
Absolut vodka, kahlua, stumptown espresso, grated chocolate, vanilla

Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour   12
Rosemary-infused bourbon, maple, lemon, egg white, black pepper

Lavender Grey Martini   13
Earl grey gin, lavender syrup, lemon, egg white, angostura bitters

Apple Butter Old Fashioned   12.5
Rye Whiskey, housemade apple butter (non dairy), angostura bitters, walnut bitters, orange twist, cherry 

Aperol Spritz   11
Aperol, fresh grapefruit, sparkling water, sparkling wine, orange slice, olive

Mimosa   8
Bubbles with your choice of fresh cold-pressed juice

Caesar   7 / 9.5
Vodka/gin/tequila, clamato, worcestershire, tabasco, hot sauce, housemade pickle



Stay tuned for our new Happy Hour and Dinner Drink menu coming in Spring